SEAC will be holding a small event at Wide Water Gardens (one of their awesome Community Partners) on Friday, July 16th from 5PM – 8PM located at 345 Rosedale St, Rochester, NY 14620.

There will be refreshments, entertainment, a beautiful garden to walk through, and you can come hangout with residents of the neighborhood and employees of SEAC.

Abdundance Food Co-op is a proud sponsor of this event. 


The South East Area Coalition

The South East Area Coalition, Inc. is a Neighborhood Preservation Company that facilitates community and economic development in south east Rochester. We help the citizens who live and work in southeast Rochester to accomplish goals and initiatives for their neighborhoods and businesses. We support existing neighborhood and merchant associations, as well as help to organize citizens into groups to generate sought-after results. 

SEAC supports our south east area business by shopping local as much as possible, keeping the money here in the community.

Graphic Credit: SEAC

Graphic Credit: SEAC

In 2021, SEAC created four pillars of focus, allowing us to have a greater impact in delivering our mission to the South East area community.


We advocate anti-poverty initiatives, supporting programs, events, and community partners seeking to improve quality of life for those affected by poverty* in the South East area.

*Nearly 33% of Rochester’s population exists below the poverty line, compared to the national average of 13%.

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SEAC collaborates with neighborhood and merchant associations, community partners, and other non-profits that are dedicated to increasing civic engagement, racial equity, and strengthening and supporting our Southeast area community at all levels.

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To say “children are our future” may be cliché, but it does not make it any less true.  We strive to grow awareness and support programs enhancing safety, education, nutrition and health, and play spaces for children.

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Local Businesses

The South East area is full of amazing local businesses and we are thrilled to support them!  Through the years SEAC has collaborated with many with many of them to fulfill our mission and we look forward to many more years to come!

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Graphic Credit: SEAC