One of the great programs we have here at the Co-op, is our composting partnership with Impact Earth. Since 2014 Impact Earth has been collecting food scraps for the greater Rochester and Finger Lakes Region as the one stop shop for zero waste services and products. Composting greatly reduces greenhouse gases, curbs the need for landfills, and replenishes our soils!

January 4th, 2021, Impact Earth acquired Community Composting. The merger expands Impact Earth’s footprint in providing cost-effective diversion of wasted food and other compostable products from landfills (composting) for residential and commercial customers in Monroe County and beyond. Read the Press Release Here.

What is Compost?

Compost, simply put, is organic matter that has decayed and naturally broken down into a nutrient-rich fertilizer. Organic matter is a wide-ranging term, which can include lots of different things like leaves, twigs, fruits, vegetables, peelings, breads, coffee grounds and filters, and so much more!

For some really beautiful images of what Composting can look like, you should check out Impact Earth Instagram page!

Impact earth logo

How It Works


Grab a bucket from our foyer. First time program users pay a taxable $15 (non-refundable) fee for their first bucket (which includes a lid). All old Community Compost members are grandfathered in and do not have to pay again for their first bucket with Impact Earth.


You’ve grabbed your bucket, next ask anyone at the Customer Service desk or a cashier for a new lid. ($8 per lid / bucket swap)

Material for composting is accepted in the official green or white Impact Earth bins only.


When your bin is full, bring it back to the Co-op and we’ll exchange it with a clean bucket and lid. Drop your bucket off in the designated area, outside the Co-op. Look to the left of our rear entrance- you will see a green sign where the full buckets go. Start with Step 1 again, and repeat the process!

The cost is $5/swap.

Composting Area
Drop off Location
Impact Earth

Impact Earth


If you would like to learn more about Community Composting you can visit their website, email them, or give them a call.

phone: (585) 315-0160