The Cafe at Abundance has hosted some really amazing shows during our time at this address- this season we are very excited to have works by Ceirra Gorman (one of our kick butt-ernut squash, produce employees). Cierra’s work is full of color and imagination.

Our cafe is closed for dining during the pandemic, but all are welcome to walk around the cafe, take a look at these emotion envoking pieces- and maybe even purhcase one!

Cierra Gorman Coastal Pours


Cierra Gorman 

My name is Cierra and I am a nomadic artist currently living Rochester, New York. I have lived in multiple cities on the both the East & West coast of the United States and find it nearly impossible to pick one spot to settle down because it is all so beautiful!

Fluid art using acrylic paint became my obsession when I was living in Oregon a few years ago. I was attending a local art show when I watched a pour demo, and it immediately caught my attention and eventually changed my life! I ran home right after the show to get the supplies needed and dove right into pouring. Once I started practicing fluid art, I simply could not stop. The demo spoke to my soul- it was not long before I was addicted and in love. This method of painting interests me because of the uniqueness of each finished canvas. It uses pour techniques with a specialized mixture that leaves a beautiful abstract pattern, including hundreds of little paint cells.

There are endless techniques for pouring, making each untouched canvas open to a world of creative possibility! I enjoy the fluidity that comes with this art, and watching the pattern unravel into a beautiful abstract piece that cannot be exactly replicated ever again.

I find this type of painting very therapeutic and almost a form of meditation for myself. The way the paint rolls over the canvas is very satisfying to watch and always yields a really cool piece. Having to adjust the viscosity of the paint, and making sure it is the right consistency by adding a medium, water and oil to get the best ‘flow’ is the name of the game. The more you practice, the better you are at knowing which colors need more medium, or water more or less than others. Something new can be taken away from each pouring experience. I continue to research different pour methods in efforts to be able to provide something that could interest everyone.

Coastal Pours ~