What We Sold in 2016, by the Numbers

The food we purvey really does reflect how unique our shoppers are. Have a look at some of what we sold over the course of 2016! See any of your favorite items listed?

  • 9,794 fair trade, organic avocados from Equal Exchange
  • 16,766.9 lbs of fair trade, organic bananas from Equal Exchange
  • 3,952 organic lemons
  • 3,952.31 lbs of organic garnet yams
  • 694.5 lbs of SoyBoy Organic Tempeh (regular and 5-grain)
  • 3,140.17 lbs of bulk Once Again Nut Butter Organic Peanut Butter (unsalted and crunchy salted)
  • 855.9 lbs of bulk Once Again Nut Butter Crunchy Almond Butter
  • 964 bottles of kombucha beer from Unity Vibration
  • 746 Tree Free Greetings greeting cards
  • 298 packages of Mt. Vikos Feta
  • 326 bars of organic cream cheese
  • 10,113 cups of soup
  • 1,691 vegan BLT sandwiches made by the Abundance Deli
  • 2,424 lbs worth of cups of coffee
  • 478 lbs of free-range ground turkey from Vermont
  • 3,456 rolls of 100% recycled toilet paper
  • 313 tubs of organic cottage cheese
  • 1,085 of 4-lb tofu sheets from SoyBoy
  • 5,914 cartons of large local eggs from Meadow Creek Farm
  • 1,195 bottles of whole milk from Ithaca Milk Company

Leave a comment about what you loved buying from your co-op in 2016!


  1. Melissa Carlson says:

    I wonder how many shoppers you had? Then I could figure out how many bananas each shopper bought, on average.
    (And I’m sure I bought nearly 4 lbs of Mt.Vikos Feta on my own! Maybe you sold 40?)

    • Abundance-Co-op says:

      Hi Melissa – We can tell you how much Mt. Vikos feta we sold: 130.4 lbs! We will look into seeing how many shoppers bought bananas….

  2. One of the important points about the bulk almond, cashew, peanut, & sunflower seed butter is only in the bulk form do they not contain added salt. The jarred versions usually contain added salt. This is particularly important for individuals who might have a tendency to have high blood pressure or other “high salt related conditions.”

    Using this data Abundance should be encouraging its customers to purchase other related products.

    Many customers do not try nut butters other than peanut butter (no matter what the form). Perhaps some type of limited incentive for people to try different products. This will be particularly important when Abundance moves to South Ave.

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