What do you hope we carry at our new store? 


Our new store will have lots more room. And that means we’ll  be able to carry more products than we currently do. What would you like to see on our shelves that we don’t currently carry?

We are also considering carrying conventional products. What, if any, conventional brands do you think meet our standards of quality?

Enter your suggestions as a comment below! 


  1. Grace Kellermann-McLean says:

    More vegan options- some unique to this area, like violife, Sheeze (both do wonderful vegan cheeses), Kite Hill, Just Wholefoods (they do boxed faux meat mixes), ‘bulk’ vegan items (5 lb bags of daiya, larger containers of vegan yogurt), faux beef and chicken broth powders (either in bulk or pkg.)

    A couple of reputable veg petfoods for dogs AND cats- Evolution, Ami, Evangers (canned/wet). It’d be lovely to have more choices locally than Wysong (for cats and dogs) or Natural Balance (for dogs).

  2. Mary Missall says:

    Maybe Treeline Cheese, the hard variety they have? Hart’s sells the semi-soft cheeses but the hard cheeses would be great! They are made in the Hudson Valley (Kingston, NY). Thanks for asking :)

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