A Super “Bowl” Meal: Avocado and Egg Brown Rice Bowl

There are endless options when it comes to Super Bowl snacks. They may be delivious, but they’re not usually all that healthy. If you’re going to a Game Day party or hosting one yourself and are in search of a healthier alternative on what to serve, here’s a super “bowl” meal that’s sure to be … Read more

Warming, Healthy, and on the Cheap: Farmhouse Bean Soup

Beans are healthy. Beans are delicious. But, best of all, beans are cheap. And when the winter wind bites, nothing soothes and warms like a hardy, veggie-ful soup. This recipe for Farmhouse Bean Soup brings together a host of inexpensive but nutritious ingredients for a dish that will be just the thing after you’ve braved … Read more

Impress Your Guests with Goat Cheese Pesto Torta

It’s the season for entertaining and that may mean you’re scrambling for ways to keep your guests’ taste buds happy and delighted. If that sounds like you, we’re happy to share this appetizer recipe with you. It’s a little unusual and requires just a little patience, but the outcome is delicious. Your guests will agree.