You Have to Try These: Apple Bananas & Ready-to-sip Coconuts!

Apple Bananas


The most popular variety of banana in the United States is the Cavendish–that’s the one most Americans think of, yellow and about 4-6 inches long. However, there are many different varieties of bananas that exist, as a visit to any banana-growing country will show. There are small bananas that are sweeter, larger ones that are more savory in taste, and many more besides.

We’re psyched to have a new-to-us banana in from Mexico: apple bananas.

A cultivar of wild-seeded bananas, apple bananas are tangy and have a sweet apple flavor with hints of pineapple and strawberry. They are best eaten when they are fully ripe, when the peel is a dark yellow and marked with black streaks.

Of particular not, this variety of dessert banana does not require any ethylene to ripen. It also packs more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients than the Cavendish.

We currently have them at a special introductory sale of $2.99 per lb.

Ready-to-sip Coconuts


Everyone knows that coconut water is the bee’s knees. But how much cooler would it be if you could drink it right out of the coconut and then get to eat the coconut fruit, too?

Well, that’s what this new item in our drink cooler offer.

Each coconut is prepped so that a plastic straw (included) can easily be poked into it. Then it’s just a little sip to super fresh coconut water. When you’re done, they’ve made it easy to crack the coconut open so you can enjoy the delicious flesh inside.

These can be found in our Grab ‘n’ Go section for $4.99 each.

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