About five years ago, Abundance began a search for a bigger, more accessible facility so that we could offer more as a grocery store and as a cooperative.

We found that place in 2015: 571 South Avenue, in Rochester’s South Wedge neighborhood.

Nearly twice the size of the co-op’s current home, the 571 South Avenue location will provide 7,500 square feet of retail space, with 5,000 square feet for warehouse, administrative, and community use.

Project timeline

The map below shows where we currently our in the move project. Follow the star!

Why we’re moving:

Our current location

  • a bigger store means lower prices

  • a multi-use community space

  • a wider offering of food, including some conventional

  • a more visible, accessible location

  • increase our staff size and wages

  • more produce from local farms

  • longer opening hours

  • hot bar and salad bar

Our current location at 62 Marshall Street, Rochester, NY

Jim DeLuca, General Manager of Abundance Food Co-op

“As a community-owned grocery, we are truly excited to be moving into the South Wedge/Highland Park neighborhood.  We have a lot to offer to  people living in the South Wedge and beyond in terms of excellent quality food and as an ethical, sustainable, and easy-to-shop cooperative business.”


How big will the new store be? 

The new store will be nearly twice as large as our current location with 7,500 square feet of retail space and 5,000 square feet for warehouse, administrative, and community use.

Why is Abundance moving?

We seek to do more as Rochester’s only food co-op.  Ultimately, the co-op anticipates that the more visible, larger space will allow more people in Rochester to take advantage of the cooperative business model it offers alongside the healthy, wholesome food it has specialized in since 2001, and as the Food Store at the Genesee Co-op from 1974 to 1999.

Will Peacework CSA Farm continue to operate at Abundance?

Yes. We will continue our partnership with Peacework CSA Farm. Members of the CSA will make their pick ups at the new location.

How is the new store being funded?

In addition to capital on hand from years of successful operations, funding for the move was made possible through a mix of loans from public and personal sources. These include a $750,000 loan from Five Star Bank, a Monroe County Industrial Development Corporation loan of $50,000 from the County of Monroe, and a $100,000 federal grant managed by the City of Rochester. An owner loan initiative has also helped to source a significant portion of the financing. (Interested in learning more about the owner loan program? Contact Jim DeLuca, General Manager.)

Why has the move taken so long?

As with any significant construction project, we have encountered many unforeseen “bumps in the road.” Our goal is to have a smooth and successful transition to our new home, and so we want to make sure we take the time we need to make sure we do that. 

Is your question not answered here?

Please contact Chris Whitebell, Marketing Manager, at chris@abundance.coop or (585) 454-2667.

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62 Marshall St., Rochester, NY 14607