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You Can Own It

Becoming a Shareholder

If you are looking for a way to support the Co-Op, becoming a shareholder is the way to go! Read all about what being a shareholder means below – and when you’re ready, you can sign up on this page too!

Download the Application!

You Can Own it

What Does it Mean to be an Owner?

No Annual Fees

The $100 you pay is not a membership fee, it is the cost of a share. You only pay once, and there are zero annual fees.

By purchasing a share and shopping at the Co-op, Shareholders invest capital that is used to operate the store on a daily basis.


A Co-op Owner Participates in the Decision Making

Our Board of Directors is comprised of Shareholders. During the the Co-op’s annual meetings, Shareholders have an opportunity to not only vote for the candidates they would like to represent them, but to also run for any open position available on the Board.

Shareholders vote on amendments made to the Bylaws proposed by the Board, and are invited to attend all BoD meetings.

Not Like Other Grocery Stores

When you become a new Shareholder of Abundance, you don’t “join” the Co-op, you become an Owner.

At Abundance Food Co-op, there is no approval process or interview – anyone can become a Shareholder of our grocery store!

As an Owner, you may request a refund of your share equity value by emailing Note: the Abundance Food Co-op board has the right to withhold refunds when necessary to protect the Cooperative’s financial viability.


  • Help build a stronger local economy and community
  • Choose one day a month (at your chosing) to get 10% off your purchase on most regularly priced items*
  • Get discounts on special orders
  • Take advantage of owner-only deals
  • Vote for candidates to join the Board of Directors at annual meetings
  • Vote on bylaw amendments and other items as proposed by the Board of Directors
  • Run to be elected to the Board of Directors
  • Share in the profits: receive possible dividend payouts relative to how much you spend

*Discount does not apply to Products that are already discounted as a part of any sale program, such as Co+op Deals, Co+op Basics, Shareholder Savings, or those that are on clearance. Alcoholic beverages. Magazines. Consignment items/crafts/services (like Compost Swaps). Special Orders. A Share.

Benefits of Co-Op Ownership

All are welcome at Abundance. You don’t have to be an owner to shop, but once you’ve discovered the benefits of shopping with us, you might be interested in the benefits of becoming an owner, too.



Become a Co-op Owner!

Once you’ve filled out the form, you will be taken to a payment screen (PayPal).

The cost of a share is $100. A share purchased online includes a $3.30 PayPal transaction fee for a total of $103.30.

You will be sent a copy of your application for your records when we process your payment. Benefits (except the right to vote) will begin right away.

A new owner packet will be sent to you in the mail. It will include your share certificate, membership card, a pointer to the bylaws of our cooperative, and helpful information on making the most of your co-op benefits.

Purchase a Share

New Owner Information

Enter name of person applying for ownership. Joint applications are not permitted.
(US only)
Your email will be used for shareholder-related information, such as meeting notices and voting information.

Pay With PayPal

A share is a one-time purchase, there are no annual fees or recurring costs. A share purchased online is $104.13 ($100 for the share plus $4.13 to PayPal).

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