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You Can Own It

Becoming a Shareholder

If you are looking for a way to support the Co-Op, becoming a shareholder is the way to go!

Read all about what being a shareholder below – and when you’re ready, you can sign up on this page too!

Have a Question? Call us at (585) 454-2667, use our Staff Directory, or fill out the form below to contact us by email.

What does it mean to be an owner?

A co-op owner participates in the decision making.

They can take part in the election of a Board of Directors at the co-op’s annual meeting, and vote on any amendments to the bylaws proposed by the Board. So, in addition to getting the products and services you need, you also have a voice in how Abundance Food Co-Op is run as a business.

No annual fees.

The money you pay ($100) is the price for a share, not a membership fee. You pay it once and that’s it. It is not an annual fee. Co-op owners, by purchasing a share and through shopping with us, invest capital that is used to operate the store on a daily basis.

Not like other grocery stores.

When you become a new shareholder of Abundance, you don’t “join” the co-op, you become an owner. At our co-op, there’s no approval process or interview–anyone can become a shareholder, an owner, of our grocery store (literally). That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

Benefits of Co-Op Ownership

All are welcome at Abundance. You don’t have to be an owner to shop, but once you’ve discovered the benefits of shopping with us, you might be interested in the benefits of becoming an owner, too.


  • Help build a stronger local economy and community
  • Choose one day a month to get 10% off of your purchase on most regularly priced items*
  • Get discounts on special orders
  • Take advantage of owner-only deals
  • Share in the profits: receive possible dividend payouts relative to how much you spend
  • Vote for candidates to join the Board of Directors at annual meetings
  • Vote on bylaw amendments and other items as proposed by the Board of Directors
  • Run to be elected to the Board of Directors

*Discount does not apply to items already on sale or at a reduced price. Some low margin items, like eggs, milk and beer are also not included. 

Meet the Board of Directors

The Abundance Board of Directors is what makes Abundance Food Co-op a democratic form of business.

The Board is made up of shareholders who are elected by fellow shareholders to represent their interests. Term limits, regular meetings, and other conditions outlining how the Board works can be found in the Abundance Food Co-op By-laws. The vision for the co-op outlining it’s purpose is contained in the Abundance Food Co-op Global Ends Policy.

Max Gianniny


Term: 2018-2020
Committees: Linkage, Board Dev, Governance

Max is a Rochester native currently working in property management. He became interested in Abundance because of an interest in both healthy food and cooperative ownership. A new location would allow much greater access to the store and help Abundance stay ahead in a fast-changing industry.

Peter House

Vice President

Term: 2019-2021
Committee: Governance

Peter has lived in Rochester since 1990. He was a member of the former Genesee Co-Op Food Store, and has been on the Abundance Board for most of the past 10 years. He is a special education teacher, and a minister, serving as the Summer Minister at the First Universalist Church. Peter has sung with the Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus since 1990, serving several terms on that organization’s Board of Directors. Peter and his partner Michael, an avid gardener, live in the Upper Monroe neighborhood with their dog Ollie, and their cats Lauren and Mary Beth.

Paula Hansen

Term: 2019-2021
Committee: Linkage

Originally from Long Island, Paula has lived in Rochester since 1976.  She shopped a the Genesee Food Store on Monroe Ave and, with her spouse Susan, became a shareholder at Abundance soon after the move to Marshall Street.  A retired Rochester City School District teacher, she continues to volunteer in an elementary school and loves working with students who are just learning to read.  She has also been active with the Master Gardeners of Cooperative Extension, enjoys camping and kayaking  around our area.

Jon Greenbaum


Term: 2019-2022
Committees: Linkage, Board Dev

Jon Greenbaum lives in the city with his family. This is his second stint on the Abundance board. He first learned about coops as a freshman in college and has been involved ever since. As the produce manager of the Foodstore on Monroe Avenue, Jon got baptized in the business and helped the effort to launch Abundance after the Foodstore collapsed (while working as a management trainee in the produce department of Wegmans). In addition to the Abundance board, Jon also served on the Mayor’s Owner Worker Network, an initiative focused on launching worker coops. Look for Jon on the 2019 Board elections ballot.

Philippa Proudfoot

Term: 2019-2022
Committee: Linkage

Philippa Proudfoot has been involved with Abundance Coop since its beginning and shopped at the old Genesee Coop Foodstore in the 1970’s. She served on the Abundance board of directors from around 2009 to 2013, early in the search for a new location. She lives in Rochester and is a clinical social worker in private practice. Look for Philippa on the 2019 Board elections ballot.

Melanie Popick

Term: 2019-2022
Committee: Board Dev

Melanie is a lifelong Rochester resident and has been a member of the Co-op since the beginning. She is a nutritionist by trade and Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener, specializing in vegetable growing, composting, organic practices, straw bale gardening, raised bed gardening, vertical and container gardening. Melanie is passionate about the environment and access to clean, healthy food for all. She looks forward to applying the same standards used to nurture a healthy garden to grow the Co-op and its impact in the community.



Become a Co-op Owner!

Once you’ve filled out the form, you will be taken to a payment screen (PayPal).

The cost of a share is $100. A share purchased online includes a $3.30 PayPal transaction fee for a total of $103.30.

You will be sent a copy of your application for your records when we process your payment. Benefits (except the right to vote) will begin right away.

A new owner packet will be sent to you in the mail. It will include your share certificate, membership card, a pointer to the bylaws of our cooperative, and helpful information on making the most of your co-op benefits.

Purchase a Share

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Your email will be used for shareholder-related information, such as meeting notices and voting information.

Pay With PayPal

A share is a one-time purchase, there are no annual fees or recurring costs. A share purchased online is $104.13 ($100 for the share plus $4.13 to PayPal).


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