We raised nearly $300 for Parenting Village during our November Round Up at the Register! Thank you to everyone who took part­­–the money will help Parenting Village in their mission to create a support network parents and families in Rochester.

Help us welcome Parenting Village as our new featured nonprofit for our Round-up at the Register program. Beginning on Wednesday next week, our cashiers will ask you if would like to round-up your total as a donation to Parenting Village.


About Parenting Village

“We want to offer parents in the Rochester area all that they need, so that they can in turn give the best to their children.”

Parenting2Parenting Village is a new nonprofit in the Rochester community. They are dedicated to increasing social connection and decreasing isolation among local families, and they give parents opportunities to learn and grow together. Parenting Village know that connection and support are essential components of raising healthy families, and should not be luxuries afforded to a lucky few. With drop-in groups, parent-to-parent home based visitation programs, workshops, social activities, and community collaboratives, Parenting Village works to ensure that no family feels alone, unsupported, uninformed, or isolated in their parenting journey.

Learn more about Parenting Village at their website and facebook page.