New Local Vegan & Gluten-free Treat-maker: Eat or Drink


Abundance Cooperative Market is built on supporting the smallest of the small food producers in Rochester. Our latest addition is Eat or Drink, a new startup based in Pittsford.

EATorDRINK2If you’re someone who has an allergy (whether it’s gluten, soy, dairy, or nuts), you know what it’s like to miss out on your favorite foods on account of special dietary restrictions. Emily Keenan, the chef behind Eat or Drink, knows it only too well. She has been allergic to all of these super common ingredients her whole life, so she knows firsthand how very few options there are available.

Whether it’s food allergies, a special diet (like vegan or raw), or just the desire to eat a little healthier, Eat or Drink is a wonderful new option.

Come give Eat or Drink’s cupcakes, cookies, and sweet breads a taste next time you’re in from our refrigerated deli area–we’re the first grocery store in Rochester to carry her products!

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