New in Cheese: Danascara Dulcinea


We have a new cheese that deserves special attention: Danascara Dulcinea.

In Fonda, NY, in the Mohawk Valley Region, stands a family farm named after the creek that runs through their field called Danascara. Originally, it was a multi-generational dairy cow farm operated by a husband and wife, Ken and Marsha. After their daughter, Monica, graduated with degrees in animal science, animal nutrition, and earned a Ph.D. in immunology, they collaborated on the idea of creating a farmstead cheese. Luckily for us, the outcome of their combined experience and knowledge is a fantastic line of raw sheep’s milk cheeses. Danascara’s cheese is only one of a few Sheep’s milk cheeses produced in the U.S. made from fresh milk every 24-48 hours.


Currently, we carry their Danascara Dulcinea, a semi-hard cheese that has been aged for more than 60 days. It had a natural rind that has been rubbed with cocoa and olive oil. It has a similar taste profile as the Spanish Manchego, mild yet distinct with a light cheddar note. Danascara’s Dulcinea pairs well with good bread, olives or, as I like, just on its own!

Learn more about Danascara at their website!

~ Juli Barrette, Abundance Cheese Buyer manager-juli_b



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