New Abundance Logo Will Be Unveiled April 1

New location. New logo. Same love for real food and cooperation. Come April 1, you’re going to notice something a little different about Abundance–a new logo and look ahead of our move to 571 South Avenue in the South Wedge.

“A” is for Abundance Food Co-op

Sure, change is sometimes scary. But it can also be really inspiring.

That’s how we see it when think about how our co-op has grown and transformed since we opened in 2001. The group of everyday people who founded Abundance imagined a better future, one where a grocery store could be more by supporting its community and local through the cooperative model.

Now, 16 years on, we’re about to make another giant step towards realizing that vision. Our new store will help us do so much more as Rochester’s only food co-op. We’ll have a wider offering of healthy, local, delicious real food. Larger and more visible, we’ll be able to support more local farms and businesses. Plus, our new home will be a hub of activity with educational classes, meetups, events, and more outreach initiatives.

The future of our co-op is bright. Our past–all of the people who made Abundance possible–is the nourishing soil from which we continue to grow. Our new logo and look captures this optimism, as well as the confidence our staff, shareholders, and shoppers share that we are stronger together.

Check out to see the new logo on April 1!

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