National Co+op Grocers Statement on Human Rights

Abundance Food Co-op is a member of National Co+op Grocers (NCG), a cooperative that supports and advocates for more than 180 food co-ops across the United States at the national level. Last month they released this important statement on the international cooperative movement’s longstanding position on the issue of equality, democracy, and human rights.

NCG reaffirms our organization’s commitment to human rights, fairness and diversity. Now and throughout our history, we look to the cooperative values to guide and remind us of the importance and purpose of co-ops in the U.S. and around the world.

We value equality – treating each person with kindness, respect and humanity

We value honesty – presenting ourselves with transparency, truthfulness and integrity

We value self-responsibility – taking ownership of our actions, and knowing that each of us has an important role in the success of the cooperative economy and in the overall common good

We value democracy – understanding we all succeed when everyone has an opportunity to share their voice

We value social responsibility – knowing we have an obligation to support our planet and all people who share it; including the neediest within our communities and beyond our borders

These values aren’t just words on paper, they have been the foundation of the success of the cooperative movement. They are a beacon that continues to guide us.

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