Tortellini has to be fresh and made by hand, not by a machine. Or at least that’s what Michael Bozza believes. He launched Bozza Pasta in 1977 so that Rochester could enjoy a high quality, fresh pasta. Using whole grains and non-GMO ingredients, Bozza’s ravioli, gnocchi, and fettuccini are a simple delight.

A family of pasta-makers

Michael was born in Italy, near the city of Napoli. Pasta-making runs deep in his family–his father actually studied the craft of pasta-making in college! The trade came with the Bozza family to Rochester when they moved here in the 1960s. Michael combines a strong technical knowledge of how pasta made with a passion for healthy foods and handcrafted flavors. In fact, Michael is well known locally. He’s made pasta for many of Rochester’s best Italian restaurants.

Give pasta a better name

When it comes to healthy eating, pasta usually doesn’t come up in a list of the top five things you should eat. Michael launched Bozza to make a healthier pasta: It is made with whole grains, and Michael is currently seeking Non-GMO Project certification. He also working to develop a pasta with a low glycemic index. Not bad! 

Redefining what gluten-free pasta can be

It can be pretty hard to find a gluten-free, fresh pasta option in the grocery store. Michael wanted to change this and so he created a rice-based penne that has all the texture and bite of wheat-based pasta. It’s definitely worth trying if you’ve been searching for a strong gluten-free option for your favorite pasta dishes.

What’s Michael’s favorite pasta from Bozza? The artichoke and provolone ravioli.

Find Bozza in our frozen section and mangia bene!