Equal Exchange Bananas Are Amazing for So Many Reasons

If you’ve ever tasted one of Equal Exchange’s organic, fair trade bananas, you won’t forget it. Rich and full of deep banana flavor, it’s easy to make them your go-to bananas.

Check out this Equal Exchange Banana Taste Test:

Growing bananas, growing change

In addition to their wonderful taste, what makes Equal Exchange’s bananas really amazing is the way they’e grown.

Very often, banana plantation workers experience low wages and terrible working conditions. Equal Exchange is helping to give the banana workers more autonomy and better quality of life by supporting El Guabo co-op, located in Ecuador, and CEPIBO co-op in Peru.


Beyond the Seal: Banana Farmers Fight for Fair Trade Fruit (web documentary)

Equal Exchange was approached by two filmmakers, Leah Varjacques and Katherine Nagasawa, a few years ago while they were making a documentary about the banana business, Beyond the Seal. The documentary is an independent project, but the filmmakers have teamed up with Equal Exchange to get the word out.

Beyond the Seal is the story of a group of small farmers – and the activists and visionaries behind them – striving to change the banana industry as we know it. Through a model of business called Fair Trade, these producers are building a more just supply chain, one that prioritizes their health, their families and their community.

The web documentary is divided into 5 chapters. Currently two chapters are available:

Chapter 1:

In the Introduction and Chapter 1, travel to Ecuador, the banana capital of the world, and learn about the true cost of bananas – the real reason why bananas come from halfway across the world but are half the price of apples. You’ll hear the stories of Javier, an ex-banana plantation worker, and Jimena, a small banana farmer, and uncover the realities of the banana business.

Chapter 2:

In Chapter 2, meet Anibal Cabrera, a small-scale banana producer and member of the AsoGuabo Cooperative in Ecuador. Take a peek into Anibal’s life and learn how the Fair Trade model strengthens and empowers AsoGuabo.

Watch it here. New chapters are being released throughout March.

Equal Exchange products at Abundance

We love organic, Fair Trade bananas from Equal Exchange, and we also love the other products we carry from them: organic and fair trade coffee, avocados, and chocolate.




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