Flowers Grow, Our Co-op Grows: About the ceremonial flower planting on June 4

You may heard: On June 4, we are holding our Owner Drive Pop Up Community Event on the grass at our new store (from 12-3 pm). You may also have heard that there will be “ceremonial flowering planting.” So what in the world is that?

Well, it’s a little unusual, but that’s OK because we’re not your usual grocery store.

During the Owner Drive Pop Up Community Event, you will have the opportunity to plant a small flower in a special bed at the north corner of our new store. We will also have pots and planters that we will fill with flowers, which we will place around the property.

Construction will begin within a few weeks and so we’re all excited to see our co-op grow. Remember which flower you planted and watch it grow as we get closer to opening our new store!

How it will work

corner bed for flower planting
We will turn this ugly bed into the ceremonial flower bed while construction on our new store gets under way.

The flowering planting will begin at 1:30 pm. We will have flowers available for you to plant. You can plant a flower yourself or as a group or with a partner. You’ll pick a spot (which will be marked out) and plant your flower. Then we’ll be sure to give everything a little water to make sure they do OK from then on in their new home.

(Want to bring your own? That’s OK, too!)

Don’t forget! Plant & garden tool swap

We’ll have a garden swap table for everyone to leave or take a plant or garden tool.

Bring a plant and take a plant home! Have an old rake you don’t want? Maybe someone else needs it. You never know, you might find that trowel you’ve been after.

The swap will run from 12 noon until the end of the event at 3 pm.


Questions? Let us know!

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