Each month Abundance is highlighting a local project that benefits the city of Rochester, collecting funds for that project through donations made both at our registers (Round Up*) and through our website (Paypal).

This month the coop will be supporting REACH Advocacy and their goal to build Tiny Homes for those currently facing chronic homelessness in the Rochester area. REACH Advocacy is a nonprofit organization that has managed emergency, winter shelters for chronically homeless adults since 2015.

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*Round Up is a program where shoppers can donate, or Round UP, to the cause of the month at the register when they are checking out with their groceries. This is done in the store. This year we started developing web pages for our collection drives and collecting money online for those various endeavors. We track all the money we make, and one hundred percent of the money is given to the charity/cause. Abundance shoppers and shareholders have been giving back to the community by rounding up their purchase totals since 2014! 

Get to know REACH 

January 2021 Recipient: REACH Advocacy

REACH Advocacy advocates for and with chronically homeless persons in the Rochester, NY area, seeing that all are treated with dignity and respect.

REACH Advocacy collaborates to create safe, financially sustainable, housing options to meet the needs of chronically homeless individuals by ensuring services needed and encouraging mutual care.

REACH Tiny Home Village

REACH Advocacy is a nonprofit organization that has managed emergency, winter shelters for chronically homeless adults since 2015.

Mission & Vision?

  • Creation of a permanent Tiny Home Village on vacant land on St. Paul Street where supportive housing will be available to very low income people.
  • Belief that this village will encourage residents to become involved in the community working together with service providers such as social work, medical and dental services.
  • Belief that a supportive environment in the Village will improve the quality of the residents’ lives and help them be a stronger and positive part of the community and our city.

What will the Village look like?

  • There will be three duplex homes and three single homes.
  • The homes will be permanent structures on foundations that meet all City Codes.
  • Each home will be approximately 400 square feet with a kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping area.
  • A home near the Village will have an apartment for a property manager, support services and a gathering space for the Residents.
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If you would like to be considered as a recipient for the 2022 program, please send an email to marketing@abundance.coop with a note of interest, information about the company, and a description of what the money would be used to directly help fund. Get as detailed as possible, if you are picked this information will be used to help foster more donations through education through print material at the co-op and on our website and social media channels. We will get the 2022 roster filled before the new year, and reach out to all those that were selected towards the end of 2021.