Introducing the FALL 20-for-25 Owner Drive!

OWNER-DRIVE-non_sh-em_graphicThis month our owners are paying it forward to make becoming an Abundance owner a little easier on your pocket.

For every $20 we raise, we will give a new shareholder who signs up from now until December 5 a $25 gift card!  This is a big pay-it-forward moment since it reduces the total investment you make purchasing a share by 25%! (A share costs $100.)

If you’ve been thinking about becoming an owner, now is the perfect time to do so! OWNER-DRIVE-2015-email-image_tabloid 1 copy

Want to become a shareholder?

Abundance owners make donations of $20. Every $20 that is donated funds a $25 gift card that a new shareholder will receive if they sign up by Dec. 5.

Next time you’re in, ask a cashier about how you can join.

Mark your calendars!

The Fall 20-for-25 Owner Drive will finish with a bang! We’re holding a special event on Saturday, Dec. 6, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. We’ll have lots of special shareholder-only sales, raffles and more! Stay tuned for more info!

Why become a co-op owner?

Are you a fan of keeping it local? Love Rochester’s growing community of local businesses? Co-ops like Abundance are an amazing way to invest in your community. Check out this video:


Already a shareholder? Want to give?


  • Make your donation online through our GoFundMe page!
  • Make your donation at the register next time you’re in the store!

Check in with us on social media or next time you’re in to see how much money we’ve raised and how many new shareholders our current owners have helped out.


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