Introducing Smugtown Mushroom’s Blue Oyster Kit

Next time you’re in our produce section, you will see some very interesting glass jars that are beautifully topped with colorful cloth with mushroom prints on it.


Smugtown Mushrooms, run by Olga Tzogas, is a hub for mushroomy know-how. Olga is a local expert on the subject of fungi and their fruiting bodies, and she offers a series of classes and home kits from the Smugtown Mushroom headquarters at 127 Railroad Street in Rochester. Learn more at Smugtown’s website.

Olga with some mushrooms in the wild (Photo courtesy of Innovation Trail, WXXI)

We’re excited to be able to offer her blue oyster mushroom inoculation kits on sale–stay tuned for more varieties that you can get growing in your own backyard!

Front End Manager Dan Santiago shows how handy Smugtown Mushroom’s mushroom kits are.

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