Introducing Abundance Food Co-op Community Meetups

It’s pretty hard to sum up the people who make up Abundance Food Co-op–the shoppers, shareholders, workers, producers we work with–in a few simple words. But what brings all of us together is our common passion for real food, food that’s made equitably and with care, and that tastes better because of that. Moreover, the co-op is a collection of people brought together through cooperation.

We want to create as many opportunities for people to connect at the co-op. The Abundance Food Co-op Community Meetups provide a place for individuals to come together to learn, share, and exchange knowledge about and around our local food system, the cooperative movement, and more.  General themes will be provided, but those are just starting points. How conversations will go will be up to the people who attend!

Abundance Food Co-op Community Meetups will happen once a month. We’ll provide a selection of snacks for everyone, too!

Meetup #1 (2/20): What is a co-op? How does one work?

Our first meetup is on Monday (Feb. 20) from 6:00-7:00 pm. The theme is “What is a co-op? How does one work?”

It’ll be a great opportunity for coming to learn about the cooperative movement or to share your own insights and experiences of co-ops.

Learn more and RSVP on our profile page!

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