Giving Guidelines

At Abundance, we believe in supporting our communities, in fact – as a co-op, it’s one of our core principles – Concern for Communities. We get many requests for support and while we wish we could help everyone we also need to responsibly manage our limited resources. With that in mind, the following giving guidelines are available to help us all better support each other in a way that is sustainable and equitable.

Who can request a charitable gift?

  1. Shareholders representing non-profit organizations will be given priority when a charitable donation request is submitted
  2. Small, locally based non-profit organizations can also submit requests for donations
  3. Shareholders and organizations will be limited to 2 requests per year

What types of charitable gifts are available?

  1. A gift card up to $25
  2. A gift basket valued at $25
  3. Becoming a Round Up recipient (requires Shareholder sponsorship)

What causes does Abundance support?

We will give preference to causes that address food insecurity, environmental sustainability, homelessness, education and causes that adhere to co-operative principles.

Limitations on Giving

We recognize the vital and worthwhile role performed by the many charitable organizations in our community. However, due to limited financial resources, we will restrict our support to those groups who best match our objectives. Groups we consider inappropriate to donate to include:

  • Individual/self-interest
  • Religious groups, except those offering community services on a non-denominational basis
  • Private clubs or organizations, including those involved in promoting controversial issues
  • Political groups
  • Gala dinners and golf tournaments

How do I submit a request?

Requests can be made by email to, or mailed to the co-op at 571 South Ave. Rochester NY 14620, with a letter of request on the organization’s letterhead.