Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping at the Co-op

Shopping Here

No. Everyone is welcome to shop at the co-op.
Yes, we do accept EBT however; we are not currently a WIC certified vendor.
Yes! We have a wide variety of bulk items and encourage shoppers to bring their own containers in an effort to reduce waste. Before you fill your containers, stop at the cash register to have them weighed so the weight of the container can be deducted when you check out.
We accept cash, check (with ID), debit and credit cards (including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), and EBT as forms of payment.
We are a full service grocery store, carrying the same kinds of items you can expect to find at bigger stores. What makes us different is our commitment to organic, non-GMO, environmentally sustainable, local. What you won’t find are foods that are high in artificial sugars, preservatives or other chemicals. This means many of the brand manes you find in traditional grocery stores are not on our shelves. Instead, we primarily carry brands committed to wholesome ingredients.
While we love pets too, they are not allowed in retail facilities that serve food. Service animals (animals trained to do a specific task) are not considered pets and are allowed in the store.

Hours and Location

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM – 9 PM and Saturday through Sunday 9 AM – 8PM.  On days we conduct inventory we open at 11 AM. In 2020 these dates are January 3, March 27, June 26 and October 2.
We are closed New Years Day, Easter Day, Labor Day and Christmas Day. On Thanksgiving we are open half the day for the Wedge Waddle, check back for specific store hours.
We are located in the heart of the South Wedge neighborhood at 571 South Avenue, between Hamilton and Averill Ave.
Yes. Our parking lot is accessible from both Hamilton St and Averill Ave.
Yes. RGTA Bus #45 & #83.

Connecting with Us

You can reach us using the Contact Us page, call 585-454-2667 or stop in to chat anytime.
You can submit your request to rent the community room using the Contact Us form. It is available to Shareholders for free, non-shareholders for $25/hour and to non-profits for $10/hour.
Call us at 585-454-2667 or stop by the service desk to place a special order.
We love to hear from our Shareholders, shoppers and local food makers! Submit your requests for new products using the Contact Us form.

What’s a Co-op

A cooperative is a business voluntarily owned and controlled by the people who use it — its Shareholders/Owners. It operates for the mutual benefit of all Owners and according to common principles established for cooperatives, which include: Open and Voluntary Membership, Democratic Member Control, Members' Economic Participation, Autonomy and Independence, Education, Training, and Information, Cooperation Among Cooperatives, Concern for Community.
Co-ops are owned and controlled by the people who use them. Profits do not go to a single person or outside organization but stay in the community through dividends or are applied to investments to help the co-op grow as agreed upon by Shareholders/Owners.
No, Abundance Food Co-op is incorporated in New York as a cooperative corporation, which is considered a for-profit organization. While the Co-op is technically for-profit, it is member-owned and democratically-controlled, and it has a strong mission to serve the community and world, just like a non-profit organization.
As of 2001, Abundance Food Co-op is incorporated in New York as a cooperative corporation. Unlike most corporations, Shareholders of the Co-op are community members who are investing in their community through grocery store ownership. Through the one-time purchase a $100 share, an individual becomes a Co-op Shareholder. Shareholders have a say in the business decisions the Co-op makes both through voting in elections and by reaching out to the Board of Directors which is composed of elected Shareholders who have volunteered to represent the whole body of Shareholders. Additionally, the Co-op will return surplus revenue to its Shareholders in proportion to how much they use the Co-op through patronage dividends.
Yes. The co-op is a community resource and while we are not non-profit we can accept gifts. Ways you can do this include: let your cashier know you’d like to add a donation to your total when you check out, buy an additional share for $100 (Shareholders only), or contact us directly to talk about other ways you can help the co-op remain financially sustainable. Gifts to the co-op are not tax deductible.

Becoming a Shareholder

Any shopper can become an Abundance Shareholder by joining the co-op with a one-time equity investment, also known as a share, for $100. This is not a fee, but an investment in ownership stock of the co-op. By joining the co-op, you are pooling your resources with others in our community to provide a strong financial foundation and ensure its success.
  • 10% of your total purchase once a month (some products are excluded from the discount, including alcohol, items already on sale and low-margin items)
  • Discounts on special orders
  • Shareholder-only deals like monthly sales on items throughout the store
  • Free use of the Community Room
  • Patronage dividend payouts during profitable years
  • Vote for candidates to join the Board of Directors
  • Vote on bylaw amendments and other items as proposed by the Board of Directors
  • Run to be elected to the Board of Directors
  • Actively help build a stronger local economy and community
You can become a Shareholder by purchasing a share online or in-store at the register.
Patronage dividends are distributed to Shareholders when the co-op generates surplus revenue. Each individual’s dividend is based on the amount of money spent over the course of a year and usually awarded as a one-time rebate to be used at the co-op. It’s another way we, as a co-op, keep our dollars local.