Introduction to a Zero Waste Lifestyle

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Is it possible to live without waste? Come enter the dialogue in this discussion of sustainable living with Zero Waste Coach and Professional Organizer Rebecca Silliman of Spacial Clarity! We will briefly review the theory of a zero waste lifestyle in all of its complexity, including privilege, access, and barriers to living sustainably and reducing waste. But what good is talk with no action?

This presentation will cover the 5 R’s of zero waste (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot) and how to implement each principle in daily life. You’ll come away with practical methods for reducing waste and starting on a longer-term, incremental journey towards minimizing waste.

In a society set up for waste, reclaim your power to make positive change for your life and the world.

Rebecca Silliman is a Professional Organizer, Zero Waste Coach, and the owner of Spacial Clarity. Since 2018, Rebecca has coached clients in the Rochester community on living with less and acting in alignment with their values.