Food Insecurity & Food Deserts in Rochester

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At least since the “War on Poverty,” politicians have gone back and forth between saying that the answer is, on the one hand, more aid, such as that offered by publicly and privately funded food programs, or on the other hand, that aid should be cut off such that those in need do not become reliant on it.

However, as “food insecurity” and the proliferation of “food deserts” have become common place, those who are intent on truly solving the problems facing poor and working people in the US and around the world, must begin to look beyond symptoms to root causes.

Eastern Service Workers Association’s (ESWA) organizers and members will present their analysis of the causes of poverty, hunger and inequality in Rochester as well as throughout the Nation and will discuss their strategy of uniting the region’s lowest-paid workers in organizing and running mutual aid programs while building an independent voice with which to fight for permanent solutions to poverty by holding government agencies accountable to the interests of the most vulnerable in our communities.

Join us for this discussion and learn about ways to volunteer with and support ESWA’s all-volunteer, non-government funded efforts, now in its 43rd year in Rochester.