In a press release at City Hall, Abundance Co-op was named by Mayor Malik Evans in the Healthy ROC Grocer Program.  This program makes it easy for the community to find healthy grocery stores in the city of Rochester.  Stores appointed in the Roc Healthy Grocer program must offer nutritious wholesome foods to support the well-being of the community.

The Abundance Food Co-op was invited to speak about our Community Owned Grocery store and the fresh produce, local food and prepared meals that we offer to the city and Southwedge neighborhoods.

Look for the Healthy ROC Grocer logo along with the Healthy Grocer signs to help you find what’s good at the Co-op!

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Abundance is grateful for the invitation to attend the press conference at City Hall with Mayor Evans along with the many news stories that feature this exciting designation of the Roc Healthy Grocer.