Life In Abundance

Shawn Dunwoody has begun the mural – we are SO EXCITED!
Life in Abundance Comes Only Through Great Love“.

Mural Wall: Shawn Dunwoody
Shawn Dunwoody Mural

A Mural for the Co-op

We are so excited for this project. Since moving to this location, one of our long standing dreams has been for a mural. Something to inspire, to lift up, and to motivate. Abundance Food Co-op is turning our blank walls outside in to an inspiring mural, and we are reaching out to our community, shareholders, and shoppers to help make this happen!

The mural by Shawn Dunwoody begins getting painted Saturday September 26th!


Thank you to everyone that donated in the store, online, through snail mail, and with our raffles- with your help we were able to collect $6888.o4 for the mural, and we are just so thankful! We hope you enjoy the mural when you come by and visit the co-op, we hope it makes you pause and smile and that it adds a bit of cheer to your day! The words resonate strongly with this co-op, “Life in Abundance Comes Only Through Great Love“.

Along with accepting donations for this project online and in the store, we ran a successful Fourth of July Raffle, Labor Day Raffle, and 100% of the money we collect through July, August and September from our ROUND UP* program is going towards this project. We are keeping track of all money collected for the mural, and updating the numbers regularly- you can find that information below. 100% of your donations goes to the mural.

We’ve set up a donation link through Paypal for those that would like to donate but can’t visit the store. We are thankful for every single dollar you can give. We are grateful for any assistance you can offer and even if you can’t help monetarily, please consider sharing this page on social media!

Keep coming back to this page for updates regularly!

*Round Up is a program where you can donate, or Round UP, at the register when you are checking out with your groceries. This is done in the store.

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-UPDATE: 10/10/20

Fall in to the Wall – Today the mural was unveiled! It turned out so marvelous! We keep hearing back from customers coming through about how bright and cheerful it is- how happy it makes them. Shawn nailed it!

-UPDATE: 09/26/20

Shawn has begun! The week looks fabulous, and we are just so excited for the magic that is about to happen!

Shawn Dunwoody Mural

-UPDATE: 09/16/20

Join us on Saturday, October 10th for Fall in to the Wall, an outdoor celebration as we officially unveil the mural! Check out all the amazing things in store for the day and make sure to leave yourself some time to stop by and see all the magic for yourself!

Fall in to the Wall

-UPDATE: 08/29/20

Labor Day Raffle Starting today and ends Saturday September 5th at 12PM (noon). 100% of Raffle Proceeds going to support our Mural by Shawn Dunwoody! Win an amazing collection of products from around the store, aimed at making your Labor Day a delicious and delightful one!!

ONE GRAND PRIZE Winner will be drawn via FACEBOOK LIVE video at 12:30PM on September 5th. Winner will be contacted by the information collected on the Raffle Ticket. Winner has until 5PM, Tuesday September 8th to claim their prize. We are closed on Labor Day, September 7th. If the prize has not been claimed, a new Winner will be drawn.

Labor Day Raffle Flyer

-UPDATE: 08/28/20

Shawn stopped by the co-op August 27th to speak with the community about the mural, he was so masterful at communicating, engaging, and fostering a flowing dialogue! ✨ 

-UPDATE: 08/27/20

Because of the severe thunderstorms going on in our area, we have moved the event inside to our cafe. Once you enter the co-op, turn right towards the restrooms, the cafe is in the far back corner of the store. Masks are Required.

-UPDATE: 08/17/20
Meet us on Thursday, August 27th from 6pm-7pm to discuss our mural with the artist, Shawn Dunwoody – He wants to meet YOU – our shareholders, customers, and community members.

We are meeting here at the co-op, OUTSIDE, on the corner of South and Hamilton. Shawn will be set up on the picnic table with a microphone and speaker. Please wear your masks.

Click Here for our Facebook Event

Shawn Dunwoody Illustration

-UPDATE: 08/10/20
Thank you to all the great submissions and interest we received for this mural. We reviewed and contacted all those that submitted, and we can now share that the artist that will be creating a mural for the co-op is: Shawn Dunwoody! Shawn is an amazing artist and asset to this community, we are very lucky to be able to work with him.

We have decided on muraling our “hub” wall- the wall that shows up in many of our social media stories, shared by you – our shoppers! We want this wall to be interactive, where people are posing with it – and sharing the message. The mural will be going up late September / early October. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we want to hear from YOU! Our shareholders, our shoppers – What does Abundance mean to you? What have we, as a co-op provided you, that you don’t get other places? Drop us a line, write a comment here, send out some smoke signals – just get your voice heard.

If you don’t know Shawn Dunwoody, we invite you to check out his website and his social media channels. He is a champion of good in Rochester, enriching the city through too many amazing projects to list – go drop him a follow, right now.

-UPDATE: 07/20/20
We are extending collecting money for the Mural Fund until the end of August. We want to make sure we have appropriate monies set aside to properly pay. Artist to paint mid September.

-UPDATE: 06/30/20
Call for a Muralist!
How to Submit: Please email with the subject: “Call for Artist”

-Name and Phone Number
-Fee (Including Materials) and Estimated Length of Project
-Photos or Links of Previous Murals/Works (Including Size and Location)
– Sketches or Ideas for Mural (Including Sizes)

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTAL: Friday, July 31st, 2020. 5 PM EST


We Value Local, We Value People, and We Value Community.

The Mural(s) must evoke a feeling of those ideals in some way.

Our goal for the mural is to begin the wall mid-August, and for the project to be completed by the end of August (weather permitting).