2021 is coming up so quickly, WHEW – what a year 2020 has been! We want to start this year off right by spreading some joy and sharing the recipients for our 2021 Round Up Program. Early October we put a call out to our community to reach out to us if you were interested in becoming part of our 2021 Beneficiaries Calendar. Abundance was contacted by eleven local organizations!

We are so excited for an opportunity to really help some great local programs. Stay on the lookout for a monthly focus email on each recipient.

If you missed the opportunity to be considered for our 2021 calendar, but would like to be part of (or nominate someone for) Round Up, please contact marketing@abundance.coop to be considered for our 2022 beneficiaries calendar. If more than eleven programs show interest, Shareholders will vote for their favorites! 

Bookmark this page to keep up to date with how much we collect as a store, and contribute to these awesome programs!

Round Up is a program where shoppers can donate, or Round UP, to the cause of the month at the register when they are checking out with their groceries. This is done in the store. This year we started developing web pages for our collection drives and collecting money online for those various endeavors. We track all the money we make, and one hundred percent of the money is given to the charity/cause.

Abundance shoppers and shareholders have been giving back to the community by rounding up their purchase totals since 2014! We are thankful to have so many people that care shopping at our store – it’s so inspiring.

2021 Round UP Total

Total Collected

2021: Beneficiary Line Up

January 2021 Recipient: Reach Advocacy

REACH Advocacy advocates for and with chronically homeless persons in the Rochester, NY area, seeing that all are treated with dignity and respect.

REACH Advocacy collaborates to create safe, financially sustainable, housing options to meet the needs of chronically homeless individuals by ensuring services needed and encouraging mutual care.

February 2021 Recipient: DayStar Kids

MISSION To joyfully celebrate children with special healthcare needs and enrich their lives by promoting each child’s individual health care, developmental, and psychosocial goals in an encouraging atmosphere of their peers; and to strengthen and support their families.

VISION Daystar’s pioneering work to support children coping with complex healthcare needs and developmental challenges is an innovative best practices model for replication; effectively bridging the gap from inpatient care until children successfully transition into school-based services.

March 2021 Recipient: Mockingbird Farm Animal Sanctuary

MISSION: To provide lifetime sanctuary to farmed animals with donations soley benefiting direct animal care

VALUES: Compassionate vegan environment, promoting kindness and ethical treatment of animals in a mutually beneficial environment only

GOALS: To rescue factory farmed, abused, surrendered and/or neglected animals and provide resources for a compassionate lifestyle

April 2021 Recipient: Autism Up

MISSION: To support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and their families, by expanding and enhancing opportunities to improve quality of life. Parent perspective steers the direction of the organization, with the fiduciary guidance of our Board of Directors. Together, we are providing help for today, and hope for tomorrow.

VISION: To be the premier model of community support and inclusion for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder by expanding and enhancing opportunities to improve quality of life.

May 2021 Recipient: Baden Street Settlement

Mission: Baden Street Settlement improves the quality of life for neighborhood children, youth, adults and seniors by providing programs, resources and basic needs which address the effects of poverty while building self- sufficiency and community. The organization takes a holistic approach to meeting individual needs in collaboration with other local agencies.

Vision: Improving social, educational and cultural conditions while fostering community growth and development.


June 2021 Recipient: Monroe County 4H Club

The Monroe County 4-H is a youth development program that serves youth throughout Monroe County. We, the Monroe County 4-H team, and 4-H nationally believe that all youth should be given the opportunity to learn and grow through the educational programs offered and the positive adult and peer relationships that come with being part of 4-H.


July 2021 Recipient: Flower City Pickers

The mission of Flower City Pickers is to feed the hungry and prevent food waste. Its purpose is to support the local community with free food through the recovery and redistribution of safe but otherwise landfill-bound food. By enriching other hunger relief agencies and local farms, Flower City Pickers strives to establish and grow a platform for waste prevention and civic engagement.


August 2021 Recipient: StarBridge

Our Mission: To partner with people who have disabilities, their families, and others who support them, to realize fulfilling possibilities in education, employment, and healthy living; and to transform communities to include everyone.

Our Vision: Every person leads a fulfilling life in their community.


September 2021 Recipient: St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center

Mission: St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center, rooted in the caring tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph, provides comprehensive physical and mental health services to uninsured and under-insured people in and around Rochester, New York.


October 2021 Recipient: ROCovery Fitness

Mission: ROCovery Fitness is a supportive community of physically active individuals brought together by sober living, committed to creating an environment of healing and recovery. Members, friends and families are empowered to discover their inner strength and confidence through adventure, fun and camaraderie.

CORE Values: Respect, Community Collaboration, Acceptance, Integrity, Excellence


November 2021 Recipient: Thankful Hearts 2

Last year the co-op put together a hot lunch and warm clothes donation drive called Thankful Hearts that was a great success – we are running it back for 2021!


December 2021 Recipient: The Center for Youth

OUR VISION: We envision a world where all youth grow and thrive in an equitable and beloved community.

OUR MISSION: We partner with youth to realize their full potential, by creating opportunities, removing barriers and promoting social justice.

OUR PROMISE: Started by kids for kids – we offer services rooted in a culture of belonging, growth, and understanding to ensure youth voices will always be heard and respected.


If you would like to be considered as a recipient for the 2022 program, please send an email to marketing@abundance.coop with a note of interest, information about the company, and a description of what the money would be used to directly help fund. You can also nominate a non-profit for consideration. Get as detailed as possible, if you are chosen this information will be used to help foster more donations; Educating through print material at the co-op, on our website, and on our social media channels.
Submissions due by October 1st, 2021. We will get the 2022 roster filled before the new year, and reach out to all those that were selected towards the end of 2021. Shareholders vote on the non-profits we will support at the Annual Shareholders Meeting in the fall.