12/17: Come to the Abundance Holiday Swap at the Co-op!

Calling all swappers, up-cyclers, recyclers & thrifters this holiday season!


The holidays can be a lot of fun, but sometimes the fun leaves behind a lot of unwanted stuff. Some of it ends up in boxes stacked up in cellars, attics, and closets. And then some of it goes into landfills.

The Abundance Holiday Swap at the Co-op is a community swap event to help reduce the stress and waste that sometimes comes with the holiday season. It’s also your chance to donate lightly used toys, books, and winter wear and to take something that’s new-to-you. You never know, you might find the perfect gift!


The Abundance Holiday Swap at the Co-op

12:00-3:00 pm, Saturday, December 17

62 Marshall Street, Rochester, NY 14607



What to bring? What to swap? 

To make sure that we have a good swapping rate (and that we have enough space!), we will have three basic categories for swapping:


Toys sometimes don’t have the long life that one would hope. So if you have toys left behind by a child who’s grown up, bring them to the swap. And, you never, know, maybe you’ll find something perfect to give someone over the holidays!


Got a few good reads that you think someone else might like? Maybe you’ll find something to read while keep cozy over the holidays.

winter apparel

The cold weather is settling in and a new coat can be expensive. See if you find something you like or bring in lightly worn winter wear (coats, hats, gloves, sweaters) you think someone else might enjoy.

What if everything isn’t swapped out?

The items that do not find a new home on the day of the event will be donated to Mary’s Place, a non-profit refugee outreach center in Northwest Rochester, NY.  Their mission is to reach out in love, hope, and service to refugees of all faiths and nationalities, especially those in the Maplewood/Edgerton neighborhood.

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