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At Abundance Food Co-op, “healthy” is more than just the food on our plate—it’s the way things are grown, made, or sourced. That’s why we make sure our products are sustainably produced.


Certified organic food not only tastes good, but it supports a better food system. And a food co-op like Abundance is an organic form of business that helps create a more vital community around it.


Abundance offers high quality, locally-sourced, and delicious food. Come discover new flavors and inspirations across our departments—we offer a full range of healthy, everyday groceries!

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FLOWER (Fresh, Local, Organic Within Everyone’s Reach)

10% everyday discount and scholarship share

Do you receive financial assistance for your food purchases? Then you may be eligible for the Abundance FLOWER discount program to receive an everyday discount of 10% and a scholarship share. Stop by or call us at (585) 454-2667 to find out more.


Anyone can become an Abundance shareholder.

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Co-op News

Olive Oil Tasting at the Co-op (1/26)

January 20, 2017

We have seriously high quality olive oil here at Abundance. And we want you to get the chance to taste them, whether you’re an olive oil lover or are a little new to the finer side of this increasingly popular healthy oil alternative. Join us on … Read more

Cooperatives Grow Communities: Riojana Olive Oil

January 13, 2017

When you purchase Riojana olive oil you are not just purchasing a delicious ingredient to enjoy, you are casting a vote in favor of cooperative, fair trade businesses—and helping more than 422 cooperative members continue to invest in a brighter future.

We Love These Winter-perfect Brews

January 6, 2017

The cold and the snow and the general sense of being stuck inside can be something of a challenge. Luckily, there’s beer. And, even better, there is delicious beer that goes really well with wintry feelings.

Warming, Healthy, and on the Cheap: Farmhouse Bean Soup

January 6, 2017

Beans are healthy. Beans are delicious. But, best of all, beans are cheap. And when the winter wind bites, nothing soothes and warms like a hardy, veggie-ful soup. This recipe for Farmhouse Bean Soup brings together a host of inexpensive but nutritious ingredients for a dish … Read more

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